Program: Semantic Web Personalization Workshop  
  June 12th, 2006
Budva (Montenegro)

9.00 - 9.10 Opening

Session 1: Architectures I (9.10 - 10.10 a.m.)
  • "Using ACUITy to Personalize Content in Semantic Web Applications" by A. Aragones, J. Bruno, A. Crapo, and M. Garbiras.
  • "Ontology-based Personalization for Multimedia Content" by Ph. Mylonas, D. Vallet, M. Fernandez, P. Castells, and Y. Avrithis

Session 2: Acquisition and Application of User Profiles (10.30 - 11.30 a.m.)
  • "Personalizing web surfing with semantically enriched personal profiles" by A. Ankolekar and D. Vrandevcic Slides available here
  • "Semantic Web as enabling technology for m-commerce personalisation: Scenarios" by L. Hella and J. Krogstie Slides available here

Discussion I: Challenges for Personalization in the Semantic Web (11.30 - 12.30)

Lunch Break

Session 3: Reasoning for Personalization (2 - 3 p.m.)
  • "Verifying the compliance of personalized curricula to curricula models in the semantic web" by M. Baldoni, C. Baroglio, A. Martelli, V. Patti, and L. Torasso Slides available here
  • "Personalizing Relevance on the Semantic Web through Trusted Recommendations from a Social Network" by T. Heath and E. Motta Slides available here

Session 4: Architectures II (3.30 - 4.05 p.m.)
  • "Personalization in the EPOS project" by L. Sauermann, A. Dengel, L. van Elst, A. Lauer, H. Maus, S. Schwarz Slides available here

Discussion II: Resumee, Strategies, Recommendations (4.05 - 5 p.m.)