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I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Leibniz University Hannover and member of the L3S Research Center. My research lies in the areas of Data Mining and Machine Learning and can be summarized as learning over complex data (e.g., high-dimensional, multi-view, limited labels) and data streams. I am also interested in responsible data science, covering aspects like reliability, fairness, data quality and experimentation.

Prior to joining LUH, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich, Germany in the group of Prof. Hans-Peter KriegelAlexander von Humboldt Foundation. I obtained my PhD from the Department of Informatics of University of Piraeus, Greece, under the supervision of Prof. Yannis Theodoridis. I hold a diploma in Computer Engineering & Informatics and an MSc in Computer Science, both from the Computer Engineering & Informatics Department (CEID), University of Patras, Greece.

Latest news:
-> October 2018: ``Tracking the History and Evolution of Entities: Entity-centric Temporal Analysis of Large Social Media Archives'' was accepted at Springer Intl Journal on Digital Libraries.
-> August 2018: ``Reinforcement Learning Based Decision Tree Induction over Data Streams with Concept Drifts'' was accepted at IEEE ICBK 2018 in Singapore.
-> August 2018: ``Learning under Feature Drifts in Textual Streams'' was accepted at CIKM 2018 in Turin, Italy.
-> July 2018: ``Entity-Level Stream Classification: Exploiting Entity Similarity to Label the Next Observation Referring to an Entity'' was accepted at IEEE DSAA 2018 in Turin, Italy.
-> June 2018: ``An Evaluation of Data Stream Clustering Algorithms'' was accepted at Statistical Analysis and Data Mining journal.
-> June 2018: I am organizing the Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop "10 years of Web Science: Closing the Loop", which will take place on 24-29 June 2018.
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